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His Grace Bishop Ilarion
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Administration Office
11404-112 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5G 0H6

Tel. (780) 455-1938
Fax (780) 454-5287


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His Grace, ILARION, Bishop of Edmonton and the Western Eparchy
11404 112 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5G 0H6
Tel: (780) 455-1938

Elected Members:

Rev. Fr. Timothy CHRAPKO, Member at Large 

Rt. Rev. Mitred Archpriest Taras KROCHAK

Rev. Fr. Michael MARANCHUK, 2nd Vice Chairman


 Very Rev. Mitred Archpriest Georg PODTEPA, 1st. Vice - Chairman

 Rev. Fr. Mykhaylo POZDYK

Rev. Fr.Wasyl SAPIHA

 Rev. Fr. Yuriy SUCHEVAN

Ref. Fr. Roman TSAPLAN


 Marshall KACHMAR, Treasurer

 Zenovia LAZARUIK, Member at Large 

 Diana MAUCH, Secretary

Katherine MISKE 

Joanne RAK

Igor STEBLI, Property Manager

Caroline YEWCHIN  

 Ex-Officio Members:

Fr. Peter HAUGEN

 Very Rev. Mitred  Archpriest Slawomir LOMASZKIEWICZ

 Rev. Fr. Cornell ZUBRITSKY

 Ms. Stephania LUCIUK


Mrs. Donna REED 

Financial Review Committee:

       Sandy Sawchuk

        Ted Yarmuch

       Eileen Yewchuk



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His Grace Bishop Ilarion is the Administrator of the Western Eparchy; by virtue of his office is ex-office chair of all committees, therefore His Grace should be advised of all committee meetings and its proceedings be reported to him.

Committee Chair has to be a member of the Full Eparchy Council.


Christian Education and Evangelization

Fr. Stephan Semotiuk

Fr. Timothy Chrapko

Fr. Michael Maranchuk

Vivian Skakun



Dave Korzan

Diana Mauch

Marshall Kachmar



Parish Growth- Welcome Package

English Version


Fr. Michael Maranchuk
Diana Mauch
Michael Cepin
Geraldine Nakonechny
Eugene Topolnisky


Ukrainian Version



Fr. George Podtepa

Fr. Mykhaylo Pozdyk







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